A day in the life of Todd’s Emissions Reduction Lead

Although he may have studied mechanical, plant and chemical and process engineering at university, for Mike, a career at Todd Energy hasn’t been limited to ‘just’ the traditional engineering pathway.

“As the Emissions Reduction Lead, I’m responsible for finding opportunities to reduce emissions across all of Todd Energy’s facilities. I then look at what can be done technically to reduce or remove those emissions entirely, as well as commercially evaluating the various opportunities to target those ‘best bang for buck’ projects.”

Prior to joining Todd more than 5 years ago, Mike helped on the family farm where he grew up around coastal Taranaki, before first working at Plant & Platform as a Mechanical Designer, and then joining the Todd Energy team.

“Before moving into my current Emissions Reduction Lead role, I held a number of different roles inside Todd. One of my favourite roles was working as a Site Engineer at Todd’s Kapuni Production Station. It was a role that brought many challenges, but it was incredibly rewarding being able to solve those issues with the great team of people there.”

When asked what he enjoys most about working Todd, Mike says the answer is an easy one.

“Todd Energy is committed to the Taranaki region and to the community, and it’s great to work for a company that gives back through the sponsorship of so many great initiatives and events that benefit the region. Many of these sponsorships are ‘under the radar’ and take place without Todd asking for anything in return; and this makes me proud to work for Todd.”

Outside of work, Mike leads a busy and active life.

“I love socialising with mates – I have a huge FOMO trait (fear of missing out), so can easily have my arm twisted for any event. I love playing golf, watching sports, and I’m getting into more snowboarding, surfing, and running as well.”

So, what gets Mike out of bed in the morning?

“Usually my neighbour’s cat, who I’ve called Rambo, screaming to be let in for food!”

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