A day in the life of a Senior Reservoir Engineer at Todd Energy

After studying and working overseas, a move to New Zealand saw Senior Reservoir Engineer, Abbas, join the Todd Energy team – for the first time – more than a decade ago.  

“Following my Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering, I graduated with a Master of Science degree in Petroleum / Reservoir Engineering from France in 2002, before working for the national oil company in Iran for four years.

“Then in 2006, I moved to New Zealand and completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Geothermal Reservoir Engineering from Auckland University. I worked in the geothermal industry for a couple of years before finally joining the Todd Energy team as a contract reservoir engineer in 2009.

After more than five years with Todd, a desire to obtain international experience saw Abbas relocate to Oman.

“When I had the Todd offer to return to New Zealand in 2016 it was a very easy decision to make, despite having four years of contract left with the Omani company.

“Todd has always been a great and welcoming company, and has played a big role in my life. I have worked with amazing managers and engineers and been exposed to a variety of subsurface and operational activities which have helped me to build and develop my career.”

In his current role, Abbas is one of the Mangahewa field’s Senior Reservoir Engineers.

“In the Subsurface team, we plan for the future field development to maximise production, either by proposing a new well location or enhancing production from the existing wells which we call BPO (behind pipe opportunities).

“Proposing proactive subsurface surveillance and monitoring activities are also a key part of my role in the asset team. The outcome results in identify well and reservoir issues and finding solutions before anything goes wrong.”

Over his time at Todd, Abbas has seen the full development cycle of the Mangahewa field.

“When I joined Todd back in 2009 we had only two producing wells in the field, MHW02 & MHW03. Now we have just drilled MHW36. I have seen the company grow from a technical team of 5 people to what we are now. I lived with the wells, I cared about the wells, and I am proud of what the company has achieved so far.

For Abbas, there is a huge amount of satisfaction in being a part of the Todd Energy team.

“It gives me pleasure to work for a company that provides natural gas to Kiwi homes which ultimately comes from my small contribution in the Mangahewa subsurface team.”

Outside of work, Abbas is kept busy with his family, keeping fit and focussing on his mental health and wellbeing.

“I am an active morning gym person. Fitness and health are very important to me so, after family and work, I can say City Fitness Gym is my third home.

“I also care a lot about mental health and wellbeing. Last year and during Covid, I joined online meditation classes and learned a lot. Since then, I try to spend 30 minutes every evening meditating which helps me calm my mind and sleep better.

“My family mean a lot to me so we spend time together, whether it is walking around the block or swimming at the pool. My son is off to Auckland next year to start his Engineering degree at Auckland University, and I am hoping that he can join Todd one day, too.”