A day in the life of a Control Room Operator at Todd’s Kapuni Gas Treatment Plant

While he may be relatively new to Todd Energy, Control Room Operator (CRO) Brendon has seen plenty during his time at Kapuni.

“I’ve been based at the Kapuni Gas Treatment Plant for 15 years – 12.5 of those were with Vector and now I’ve spent 2.5 years with Todd after the company acquired the Plant back in 2020.

“Prior to working at the Gas Treatment Plant, I was working for the Caterpillar dealership which is a large earthmoving equipment company. I completed a Heavy Plant and Equipment Mechanic apprenticeship while based at the Auckland branch where we worked on everything from bulldozers to super yachts, and even the occasional train.”

In his current role as Control Room Operator, Brendon alternates between being on the panel and being an outside operator.

“The CRO monitors and optimises the process – starting and stopping various items at the Plant including compressors, pumps, the Benfield trains and LPG columns – as well as liaising with CO2 and LPG tanker drivers.

“As an outside operator, we’re heavily involved in the Permit Office authorising permits as the area tech. After the permits are finished, we’re outside logging the plant and checking equipment. We also carry out a range of tests on the boiler water to ensure the chemistry is correct.”

When asked what he enjoys most about working at Todd, Brendon is quick to talk about variety – and having a great team.

“I enjoy the variety of the work, rotating through the various areas, and with a large company like Todd there are plenty of opportunities to change roles and gain different experiences.

“It’s great having the opportunity to work in a great team environment as I like being part of a team and seeing everyone working together towards common goals. I also love learning new things every day, and you’ll often find me buying new gadgets and technology!”

Brendon’s love of technology extends outside of the workplace, too.

“Outside of work, I’m into lifting weights and have my own gym set up at home so I’m often in there on my days off. I also enjoy radio control cars too which I’ve got quite a large collection of and have spent way too much money on over the years. I have two sons and they’re right into gaming on Xbox, PlayStation and virtual reality headsets so I’m often joining them.”

As it turns out, working at Todd Energy is something Brendon also shares with his son.

“My eldest son Ruben has also done some work for Todd recently, too. He helped with the relocation of the Gas Treatment Plant store to Todd’s Bell Block warehouse, and he also worked on the McKee shutdown.”